The Farmers



We are Neal and Kristy Drury, first generation farmers learning through doing, reading books, and watching YouTube videos.  We first started farming simply to grow our own food, and soon learned it was something we were both interested in and wanted to make a living at.  We are full time market gardeners and as glamourous as that may seem we still have some trialing times.  We work hard each season to bring the best quality produce and cut flowers to the area!


Farmer Neal

Neal is the backbone and heavy lifter here at Backyard Produce & Cut Flowers.  It was through his interest and research that started this small-scale farming adventure.  Carrots are one of his best and favorite crops to grow and each year he works hard to expand Backyard Produce & Cut Flowers




Farmer Kristy

Kristy is the cut flowers part of Backyard Produce & Cut Flowers.  She has to admit she didn't really set out to be a flower farmer, it started with just a few sunflowers and zinnias to attract pollinators.  The flowers were a big hit and each year more varieties are added to grow this part of Backyard Produce & Cut Flowers.