The Farm Dogs


Chewie and Gator

These two are the official farm dogs of Backyard Produce & Cut Flowers.  Although they don't do much of the heavy lifting around here they are still important enough to mention.  They are both adopted and have been at Backyard Produce & Cut Flowers since the beginning.

Farm Dog Gator

He is a good 'ol boy and really only cares about two things: fetch and belly scratches.  He still doesn't understand what 'no don't step on that' means, but he still does a good job at being a farm dog.  We are lucky to have him here! 



Farm Dog Chewie

He likes to chase and bark at things so he does a good job of keeping the fuzzy pests out of the garden and surprisingly stays within the pathways... sometimes.  He's a smart pooch and would rather do nothing else other than nap.  He is a great farm dog!