The Farm

Backyard Produce & Cut Flowers is located in western South Dakota, in the small community of Belle Fourche. We are a small scale farm, operating on a total of two acres but growing a mix of produce and cut flowers on only one acre of land, which includes a 20 ft. x 96 ft. high tunnel to help extend our season. Our farm consists of 66 (100 ft. long) raised beds and some perennials scattered around. We plan and rotate our crops and use intensive spacing to ensure we get the most yield out of our tiny growing space!


We like to follow the 'plant positive' rather than 'pest negative' in our farming. Meaning we believe in growing healthy, strong plants in soil that is just as equally strong and healthy to ward against, rather than kill pest. We have a deep affection for pollinators and choose not to spray for anything, pests included!


We work hard to ensure our produce is clean and flowers are long lasting by properly handling our products during harvest and post harvest. We believe in soil health and keeping it healthy for the long term by practicing sustainable farming methods. The future for small scale farming and these practices are looking bright and we are so thrilled to be a part of it!


Backyard Produce & Cut Flowers prides itself on being a direct to consumer farm, working to provide the area with top quality, local, fresh, produce and cut flowers! You can find our products all season long at the Black Hills Farmers Market. For more information on the market click here.


Want more information on our farm, produce, and cut flowers, please feel free to contact us