The Farmers


 Neal and Kristy Drury

A husband and wife team and first generation farmers learning by doing, reading books, and watching YouTube videos.  Why farming and how did we get into it? Good question! It kind of started with watching food documentaries and a desire to grow our own food. Fast forward a few years later we are full time market gardeners and work hard to bring the best quality produce and cut flowers to the area!



Farmer Neal

Neal is the backbone and heavy lifter here at Backyard Produce & Cut Flowers. It was through his interest and research that started this whole small-scale-farming adventure! His favorite crops he likes to grow are roots, particularly carrots, and greens and each year he works hard to expand the farm.



Farmer Kristy

Kristy is the cut flowers part of Backyard Produce & Cut Flowers. She has to admit that they didn’t really set out to be the part flower farm they are today, they just added a few varieties in the beginning, to attract pollinators. The flowers soon gained popularity and new varieties are added each year to grow this part of the farm.


The Farm Dogs

Chewie and Gator

These two are the official and only farm dogs of Backyard Produce & Cut Flowers. Although they don't do much around here they are still important enough to mention. They are both adopted and have been at Backyard Produce & Cut Flowers since the beginning and we couldn’t imagine the farm without them!


Farm Dog Gator

He is a good 'ol boy and really only cares about two things: fetch and belly scratches. He still doesn't understand what 'no don't step on that' means and what walkways are but he still does a good job at being a farm dog. We are lucky to have him here!


Farm Dog Chewie

He likes to chase and bark at things so he does a good job of keeping the fuzzy pests out of the garden and surprisingly stays within the pathways... sometimes. He's a smart pooch and would rather do nothing else other than nap. He is a great farm dog!