Vegetable CSA

CSA is a partnership between farmer and member and by paying for your vegetables up front you take on some of the risk involved in farming along with us and we appreciate you even considering joining our CSA.  It means so much to us as small scale farmers and we will work hard to ensure your investment turns into delicious and healthy vegetables and fruits.  

We estimate that our weekly shares can feed between 2-4 adults depending on your love for vegetables.  Pick up will average about 6-8 different kinds of vegetables, with shares being less abundant in the spring and fall months and more abundant in the summer months.  The specific type of vegetables you will find in your share will vary through out the season; greens in the spring, tomatoes in the summer, and squash in the fall. *please note*these are just examples we do not guarantee any specific vegetable or specific quantity of a vegetable

Vegetable shares will run for 16 weeks starting Thursday, June 14th and ending Thursday, October 11th.  There will be no pick up the week of July 4th.  The season will run for an actual 17 weeks but share pick-up will still run 16 weeks.  CSA pick-up will be Thursday evenings from 4-6:30 pm, at our small-scale farm located in Belle Fourche, SD.  Please be sure and plan accordingly, this is a set time and place and would appreciate all members abide by this schedule.  

Our CSA is market style pick up.  Each week we will display the weekly bounty much like a farmers market, with vegetables piled high with the allotted amount written next to each variety.  This is a fun way for members to choose their own produce.  You are responsible for bringing your own bags or containers to transport your vegetables.

We offer two types of vegetable shares:

Full Vegetable Share $522.50

  • Runs 16 weeks, with weekly pick-up for a total of 16 shares
  • Estimated to feed 2-4 adults
  • Valued at $31.00 per week
  • Great way to support local farmers and enjoy fresh, seasonal produce!

Half Vegetable Share $287.38

  • Runs 16 weeks, with bi-weekly pick-up for a total of 8 shares
  • Ideal for 1-2 adults
  • Valued at $33.00 per week
  • Great way to eat local and learn to love vegetables!

Prices include 4.5% sales tax. Payment may be made by check or online click below for more information